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Buying and selling houses is only one piece of the real estate business. Each day, real estate professionals must also contend with client management, self-promotion, a constant stream of communications and tracking.

Real Web Agent is peerless in its combination of CRM and web based tools

The ability to address these details is what separates the greats from everyone else in our industry. And the only way to get there is with some formidable help.

In North America, Real Web Agent is peerless in its combination of Customer Relationship Management and web based tools – tailored to meet the needs of real estate professionals. This is not surprising given that it is developed and supported by a team who truly know the industry.

Real Web Agent offers a valuable collection of tools that enable you to manage your contacts, direct communications, build client relationships and solidify your profile and reputation.

Real Web Agent’s innovative offerings include:

  • Pathways to self-promotion – Self-promotion is one of the most important aspects to building a business. Real Web Agent offers the latest ways to market yourself and your listings, leveraging everything from web and search optimization, mobile, social media and advertising.
  • Tools for lead generation – Without leads there are no closed deals. Real Web Solutions offers a variety of ways to widen your playing field, including IDX and VOW listing solutions.
  • An integrated and intuitive interface – From the moment you initiate the set up process, you’ll see how this product has raised the bar on ease of use and helpful support. And with a commitment to product and technological evolution, you’ll always have the very latest and greatest solutions on your side.
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